Posted by: wheelsandfeet | January 10, 2011

From Carbondale, IL to Dahlonega, GA

On the road…we’re taking a break from it for a few days thanks to a wicked storm in the hills outside Atlanta that either hunted us down or we carried with us…I’m thinking we carried it with us.  It must’ve been stored up in the Yakima Cargo bin or in the dry storage area of the kayaks on top of the rig.  I’m leaning towards the dry storage since the cargo bin is locked.  Either way, old man winter found a way to join us on our road trip again.  Nicole and I went sledding today. Georgia.That’s right! just over 1 hr NE of Atlanta into the Chattahoochee National Forest basically at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail (pronounced ‘A-pu-LATCH-in’ if you’re curious) there’s a fresh 6 inches of snow that should be followed by about 1/2 inch of ice.  Ever hear of a region forecasting the amount of ice that will be falling/forming in a winter storm?  Wal-Mart was even out of sugar.  hilarious.  gotta stock up for the storm!  gotta go to town to stock up on bread and milk!  Taking into consideration the condition of the roads when they’re dry, navigating them when they’re snowy and icy is definitely out of the question.  The driveway to the hostel that Nicole and I are staying at has to be at 13-15 degrees.  Ever hear of a switchback?  Apparently, harsh road conditions happen so seldom out here that when you say switchback the locals just think waste of money and time!  The Hiker Hostel is where we’re hunkering down and it’s a great spot to do it.  We have a private room and bath, there’s a kitchen in the lower level to use anytime, plenty of movies to choose from, free laundry, and breakfast is included…all for $40/night.  We just wish we could enjoy the area more.  The hostel provides transportation and shuttling for the AT (Appalachian Trail) which is merely 6 miles away.  when we got here, there was a group of 5 people who drove down from Toronto (16hrs on dry road) for cycling.  The cycling around here is the real deal.  Even Lance Armstrong trained here.  It would be awesome to use our bikes to explore.  Oh well, there’s only two things that can force us to stand still. 1-mechanical failure (check!) and 2-mother nature (check!).

interrupted by a call from the insurance company…to be continued.


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