Posted by: wheelsandfeet | February 7, 2011

From South Carolina to Georgia to Florida…

The last time we posted I think we were in Charleston, S.C.  From Charleston we headed to Savannah, GA. Some people refer to Savannah as a “Dirty” Charleston.  It’s pretty easy to see where folks are coming from when you see these two cities one after the other.  “Dirty” is definitely a relative term.  If I were to make an analogy comparing the idea to another area I might say Uptown is a “dirty” Edina.  Not sure I’d say that every time but it’s a quick comparison for the folks at home…Savannah is a fantastic city filled with life.  The Savannah College of Art and Design owns something like 52 buildings in Savannah so there’s a huge presence of free and creative thinking.  Folks love to have a good time and are real laid back hangin out in all the city squares (parks).  They say you haven’t seen Savannah until you’ve sat in a city square watching the world pass you by.  Beautiful architecture, great food and DRINK!, thick history.  Savannah was spared by the Union in the Civil War because it was agreed that the military could use it peacefully.  It’s definitely known for its pirates back in the day which makes for a fancy twist on the tourism industry that the folks of Savannah take advantage of with no shame.  We visited the Pirate House for dinner…a damn good time and damn good food.  I think we had a Jambalaya type seafood mix.  Mmmm.  We walked the riverfront where I whooped it up on St. Patrick’s Day back in college.  The St. Patty’s day in Savannah is a Mardi Gras style crazy ass good time fer sure!  We did a pretty cheesy but worthwhile bus tour of the city.  Worth it to know what’s passing by but just walking the city and hangin out in the parks is the thing to do…

St. Augustine Florida. The oldest city in the country.  The oldest house is there, too! neat! 😀  St. Augustine is a beautiful city as well.  There’s a crazy old fort of which the city stands in the shadow.  Built by the Spanish it has a European ambience with many historic buildings and even a fortress (Castillo de San Marco) on the harbor.  We were able to take the wandering of the fort pretty slowly but that left less time for us to wander around town.  There’s a solid amount of attention paid to the doors of buildings in this town. so cool.  Doors say so much.  The door to a structure usually says it all a bit like how you can tell what kind of man you’re talking to by the shoes he wears on his feet.  We had a nice big fat juicy piece of candy at a local candy shop.  I had a carmel and chocolate marshmallow kabob.  Wow…that thing was fantastic! there’s a photo in there somewhere taking a bite oughtta that thing.  We also visited The Fountain of Youth! YEP!  gonna just get younger now.  we both took a big drink of it.  As much as it is a  tourist trap it’s still worth the trip.  Ponce de Leon hung out in the fountain (with many ladies as the photos depict…oooweee!)  One of the original caretakers/organizers of this fine visit gave his heart and soul to this place.  It is the very property on which the history of the U.S. began. Ponce de Leon claimed it from the Timucua in the early 1500’s.  It’s been an archaeological site for decades revealing artifacts from…well…I’ll just copy and paste this part:

1. Ponce de Leon’s recording landmark and accompanying artifacts.
2. First Christian Indian burials in North America with Mission Period interments
3. Timucua Indian hut foundations and relics
4. Artifacts indicating Timucua habitation for about 3000 years on this site

St. Augustine was a great stop, fer sure. how could you not?  after all, it’s where the U.S. began!

The next stop was in Cocoa beach…a great stop to stay with my good buddy, Chris.  we’ll continue that visit on the next post!

I think it’s bedtime for now…getting sleeepeeyyyzzzzzZZZZzz.z….



  1. Hi,
    I love this information!
    I just wanted to thank you and Nichole again for the lovely flowers and you for the good medical information. I have a nurse I work with who wants some information on kayak opportunities between Orlanda and Cocoa Beach. Any information you can share with me? Also, hope to see you two this summer. I loved the pictures you added to the web site too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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