Posted by: wheelsandfeet | February 14, 2011

thought for the day…

Mentally, Nicole and I are done with Florida on this particular adventure.  It will have been four weeks in in good ole FLA for us tomorrow.  Spent five days in the back country of The Everglades…a few days inland and a couple days on the coast.  Beautiful and ridiculously remote and unique.  amazing to be in such wild country and still be in the U.S.  Now, we’re waiting for a part to arrive at a VW repair shop.  While in Key West, a part holding the clutch lever broke.  Now it’s held together with a couple cable ties, pretty soundly, really.  The part was supposed to have been ordered last tues.  It’s Monday.  It’s not here yet.  We’re hanging out at a nice Starbucks in Homestead, FL right now, though.  and there’s plenty of room for us to chill for a while.  Waiting…waiting…

while we were in The Everglades, I found out that I had purchased make-up at a mall in Moscow.  I didn’t know that I was worried about how I looked to the birds, gators, crocs, and dolphins…but, apparently, I did!  Yep…someone f’n hacked into our joint travel account using the numbers on my card and bought make-up from a mall in Moscow.  Seriously, shit happens to me in Florida (enter Hamm and one flip flop).  Hopefully, the part for the VW will get in today.  Hopefully, the credit card fraud claim will be figured out.  We think it must’ve happened in Key West.  Folks down here can be especially desperate.  The Russians down here already have a bad name among the locals (sorry all you Russian friends reading this…but there’s a reason this time)…I was a little taken aback when I heard about general tendency to not necessarily favor the Russian immigrants down here.  Now, I chime right in.  I don’t normally do that.  I’ll get over it.  More often I run into issues to worry about with locals than an immigrant population trying to assimilate.  But, this time my credit card was hacked by someone who bought make-up, etc. from a mall in Moscow.

So here we are, typing away at a familiar Starbucks, feeling fairly content waiting for a part, waiting for Nicole’s insurance claim to be tied up, waiting for my credit card fraud crap to be figured out, waiting to get Malto out of The Pet Motel in Key Largo (it’s been two weeks now, poor guy), but he has so many friends to play with (we can see him playing as we drive back and forth, passing by)…he likes it there and is getting some good exercise…, waiting to empty the storage unit and load up the van again, waiting to be somewhere that we’re excited to be again…we realize we’re on an adventure. we’re not working.  but now, we’re not having fun.  can’t imagine working where I couldn’t have fun while not working.  We’re getting more and more familiar with what we don’t like so much.

maybe that’s why ignorance is so nice…there’s a lot of time wasted doing things, being places, meeting people for which and whom you don’t particularly care.

maybe that’s why ignorance is so nice…’cause ya don’t waste a lot of time figuring out what ya don’t like.



  1. pat and nichole, louise and i were waking up and louise mentioned you. so i got on this.

    we got home sunday, had a great time in north florida, and in memphis, as well as our time in florida. we enjoyed your company.

    hoping for a fixed van and an escape from florida. i didn’t tell you two that 5 years ago i blew up my car engine in north florida….8 days of waiting….i drove 80 out of the state.

    stay in touch. if you need any help in minneapolis while you travel, let me or louise know. me 715.410.7380. louise 612.616.5549.


    • I’m looking into our schedule so we can sign up for a Warrior Dash along the way. Our time in Miami Beach made up for some lost ground in looking back on our time in Florida. It really softened the impact of some of those disgruntled folks in the keys. 1 block from the beach. brazilian home cooking. sushi. a couple spendy martinis at a fancy shmancy place. and a great VW repair man takin care of business. We got Malto back from the pet motel and he now has a rash around his tummy and a wicked infection on the side of his face. yep. hard life livin in the keys. as we were leaving nicole wanted to pick up some beef jerky while I filled up the tires on the vw. she was told that the price of the beef jerky was 50 cents higher than the price tag on the package! the end display said $1.09. the shopkeeper said $1.65. what? Keep it! 😀 very funny. Florida’s got it all! by the way, our time in the Everglades was absolutely fantastic. kayaked about 60miles in 5 days. inland in the maze of mangrove and alligator/crocodile country and camping along the coast (east cape). awesome sunset.
      now we’re relaxin at our friend’s place in Tampa coming up with a game plan: fix a slow leaking tire, treat malto’s infection, get an estimate from state farm (still from the damage to the van during the trailer incident), hmm…eat, drink, be merry! sign up for the Warrior Dash somewhere!

      anyway! thanks for the email.

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