Posted by: wheelsandfeet | February 20, 2011

Back on the road from Miami

The VDub is all fixed up.  found a great VW shop in South Miami that I would highly recommend.  His name is Enrique. His shop is The Wizards.  This guy is fantastic. drove his own VW bus from New York to Argentina back in the 70’s…I think it was the 70’s…he also heads up the VVWCA (vintage volkswagen club of America) Miami chapter. they hold a big VW fest every year that he organizes every hear as well called Volksblast.  We just missed it this year, dang it.  So the VW ended up getting new bushings for the clutch lever and both right and left front lower ball joints.  I think the upper right might need to be done…later.

Our first stop was Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.  Wow. a cultural experience that I think absolutely everyone should see. a beer, some smoked salmon, and some bocce did us good.

we had a fantastic time in Miami hanging out at Paul and Katia’s warm and welcoming condo.  What a great stop and what a couple of hard working and gracious hosts.  Many thanks to you, Paul and Katia, directly from my and nicole’s “wheelsandfeet!” Ha ha!  We ate well and slept well.  We hung out for a day on Miami Beach, just a short stroll from the condo, livin the life of the cool, calm, and collected with our beach chairs,umbrella, and cooler of Corona!  Went for a swim in the ocean…and the water was nice.  We were able to hang out in South Beach a bit where we strolled down the boardwalk at sunset and headed onto ocean drive for a couple martinis.  We strolled down Lincoln Ave. where the shopping is “all that.”   fer real.  The Miami Boat Show was getting ready for the big shindig while we were there.  Ever see a mile of yachts, seriously…about a mile, docked worth any where from $1 million to $50 million?  ridiculous. really.  Katia worked up a crazy cous cous and lamb meal that was fantastic. and, on the last night we went out for sushi.  perfect.

Miami was great.  I thought the public transportation was great.  The train was only a block from the repair shop. 1 transfer downtown to a bus. bus stop was right out in front of the condo.  It was way different than the last time I was there!

returned to Key Largo to FINALLY pick up Malto and load up our gear from the storage garage.  So disappointed when we picked up Malto from the Pet Motel in Key Largo.  He was in very rough shape and still is recovering.  He has a coffee cup dish size rash on his tummy.  He also has an infection on the side of his face that’s about 7-8 in. x 4 in.  awful.  and no call from the pet motel letting us know what was going on.  He felt skinny, his breathing is still pretty shallow and rapid, although, it’s just starting to slow down.  we are staying in Tampa for a couple days to collect our thoughts and give Malto a nice place to recuperate. had to cut the fur on the side of his face to be able to clean his skin.  soap, water, some H2O2 and antibiotics B.I.D. (twice a day!!)…he seems much more comfortable now heading into his second night of solid comfortable sleep.  such a bummer for our buddy…

as we were trying to plan on where we were headed next, I got a call from my buddy, Chris, who’s out of Cocoa Beach!  We were thinking soft white sand beaches near Pensicola then off to the Bayou!  right…you may remember when I said we were done with Florida!?!  Well, Chris mentioned a small little endeavor that can be seen from the beach just a couple blocks from his place this thursday at 4:50 Eastern.  ready???  We’ll hopefully get to see the Space Shuttle Discovery’s final launch real, live, and in person! so, we think it’s worth another delay…after all, we really don’t have a schedule.

So we’re looking forward to some camping for a couple days on the coast somewhere…and then heading over to Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral for the big launch!  Exciting!

Right now, I’m looking forward to a little sleep.




  1. Hey folks, I’m glad to hear your enjoying your stay in Florida. It almost makes me wish I was there!

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