Posted by: wheelsandfeet | April 10, 2011

At the base of Taos Ski Valley…

So, where were we?  New Orleans…hmmm, so that was about three weeks ago…and we’re still heading west!  Nicole’s been doin great on keepin up the travelogue.  If you haven’t checked it out here’s a quick synopsis and some links of our travels from New Orleans and Mardi Gras to skiing Taos and climbing Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico.

just outside Lafayette, La: Catfish Heaven Campground, Acadian culture, a day trip to Avery Island that is the very tip of a salt dome larger than Mt. Everest now mined and sold to Cargill and is also where Tabasco is produced.  Tabasco plant tour and Avery Island Jungle Gardens including Bird City…and, of course, another Tornado Warning…

Austin, TX: mountain biking walnut creek park, SOCO,  Barton Springs and Zilker Park (the city does an awful job promoting this place online…it’s an awesome park) and a crazy dude kite rollerblading, Jarid and Laurie’s pad…

Enchanted Rock State Park: campin at a nearby ranch, climbing (not the big stuff you might see…just a few climbs on top-rope up to about 70 feet or so).

Big Bend National Park, hiking Chisos Mountains, kayaking santa elena canyon (wow.), climbed , red plume agate hunting Woodward Ranch, McDonald Observatory and The Star Party, Marfa Lights

Carlsbad, NM; Carlsbad Caverns National Park (not my photo), burgers on the grill with Tabasco barrel wood chips

Guadalupe National Park

Met up with Wulffie in Las Vegas, NM.  that was great! did a few cool things: Montezuma Hot Springs, Hermit’s Peak Trail, the movie Paul, Red Dawn (filmed entirely in Las Vegas, NM!)…creepy for me since it was one of my favorites as a kid and a huge inspiration to get tot he mountains! 😀  Right when we rolled into Las Vegas, New Mexico, I saw a truck that looked exactly like the one that big brother Patrick Swayze drove into the hills in the movie.  I mentioned that to Nicole as we passed by it.  We didn’t even know at that point that the movie was filmed there.  WEIRD!  hiked and stayed in Carson National Forest about 10 miles out of town.  also saw the movie Paul in an old theater right in old town Las Vegas…NM…while we were there which was also partly filmed there!

Santa Fe; Silver Saddle Motel…(we’re heading back to santa fe this week to pick up some mail and check it out!)

Taos Ski Valley: Snow!  and 3-6 more inches of it the night we got here!…ski, hike bull-of-the-woods trail to the bull-of-the-woods pasture yurt, butt sled return, climb Wheeler Peak, future of Taos…NEW LIFTS TO THE TOP OF KACHINA PEAK getting up to 13,000 ft on some crazy exposed terrain.  I never knew that the runs at Taos Ski Valley were so wickedly exposed.  seems like the Canadian ski park terrain ethic to me versus what I have seen, anyway…awesome.  here’s a quick link to some of the terrain on Kachina Peak where the proposed lift will be going rather than skiers having to take the 1hr hike along the ridge to get there…

We’ve been in Taos, NM for two weeks now.  we’ve been staying in a little village called Arroyo Seco just down the mountain from the ski valley and just north of the town of Taos by about 5 miles…called on a room for rent and asked if we could just rent it for the week…it has worked out just fantastic.  we’ve ended up staying with a guy who has a wealth of knowledge of the canyon area that we’re heading to next.  His name is Cass Adams, author of The Soul Unearthed, touching on my interest in Ecopsychology or basically therapy in the woods…funny thing is that his girlfriend who moved out (to make the space for us to enjoy for the time being) is a nurse on a med/surg floor…my current occupation, ay…weird.

right now, we’re contemplating what to do in the country of canyons!  canyon de chelly, canyonlands, natural bridges, antelope canyon, havasu canyon/falls, maybe arches, capital reef…hmmm, just saw the film of 127 hours depicting the heroic feat of a self rescue Aron Ralston endured.  a learning experience for sure and fair warning of what to pay attention to when adventuring around in the canyons of southern Utah!

It’s been nice having a room with a bathroom for a week.  very nice.  we’ve had a kitchen. a wood burning stove. a washer and dryer. a dishwasher. a place to put the trailer and kayaks while we explore the area of Taos.  it really is fantastic here.  saw Cass (temporary roomie) play some harmonica at a tea shop in town yesterday.  saw the rio grande gorge and the bridge spanning it…crazy. soaked at ojo caliente hot springs for a while after hanging out in Bandalier National Monument.  visited a really amazing building technique highlighted in a few communities in around Taos called Earthship. Taos Pueblo is also a really amazing area that we visited.  hung out at stagecoach hot springs for a couple hours…wow…right along the rio grande river IN the gorge…

that’s a quick synopsis of the latest.  wish we had more access to the internet to keep up with the blog!!!

and now time for MORE MORE MORE! 😀



  1. OMG I am so excited just reading about your Cass intrigue and the Nurse and the canyons andgourges etc. It looks like you three are exactly where you are suppose to be at this time in your life AMAZING! Love MOM

  2. comment awaiting moderation??????just when i think i got off without a hitch

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