Posted by: wheelsandfeet | April 12, 2011

correction…mardi gras was more than a month ago…

just finally posted the last tidbit a bit later than when I wrote it…well, when I wrote most of it, anyway.

headin to santa fe tomorrow.  taos for a couple weeks has been a treat.  the culture here, along with the mountains, the gorge, rivers, hot springs, shops, galleries, gracious host/short term roommate in Cass Adams and his lovely daughter, Sophia.

it’s been fantastic and very laid back here in Taos.  it’s ridiculous that I never got here before now especially since I was living in Durango, CO for 1.5 yrs. that’s ridiculous.  I was on my way here from Durango one time, though.  what a crazy day that turned out to be.  I broke down somewhere near Chama, NM on the way to Stagecoach Hot Springs.  Well, Stagecoach…I FINALLY MADE IT! 😀  AND IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!  sitting in a hot spring in the bottom of the rio grande gorge right next to the mighty rio grande river.  fantastic.

anyway, heading to santa fe tomorrow to visit with the ole wulfman again to rudely interrupt his space of meditation…again…oh well. it’s his day off.  😀



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