Posted by: wheelsandfeet | April 17, 2011

Finally heading out of New Mexico!

Well, it’s been a month in the great state of New Mexico…and we feel like we just got started. well, not really…we had a great experience in New Mexico and there are so many more things we wish we could see, but the wheels gotta keep turnin.  We’re off to Canyon de Chelly, Arizona for tonight to get some fantastic canyon hiking going in the morning.  check out those views. amazing.

After that, we’re plannin on spending a few weeks in canyon country of southern Utah.  we bought a book on hiking around the colorado plateau that is awesome thanks to the wise words of advice from our week-long roommate, Cass Adams, in Arroyo Seco.  gotta check out his book, by the way! it’s fantastic.  we need to keep reminding ourselves to try to stay simple, remain frugal and efficient to feel good about ourselves and feel good about trying to spare the environment.  mother nature is so patient with us, really.

In Santa Fe:  canyon road (amazing artists’ centered retail and galleries), Georgia O’Keeffe museum, Santa Fe Museum and a great gallery of photos on the environment including some Ansel Adams originals…my favorite.  “The oldest” house…although that’s in conflict with The Oldest House is St. Augustine, Florida!…Hmmm…we did some great hiking along the trails that are just up Canyon Rd. in the Santa Fe National Forest…great views from above looking down the city.  Such a great, mellow city Santa Fe is…Mellow…not to confuse it with other cities that are Hip!  they don’t like “HIP” in Santa Fe…some people try and some businesses try and they just cut it around here.  funny to watch, though. 😀  the folks here have class and don’t need to be hip.  so many folks come here to get away…get away from New York. get away from Los Angeles.  they meet in the middle to explore their creativity and be mellow…here in Santa Fe.  We also saw the oldest Church in the U.S.! that was very cool…the walls are from 1610 or something. so cool.

so where did we stay, you ask?  😀

Upaya Zen Meditation Center.  what a fantastic place.  here we spent some time meditating and hanging out with our old pal, Wulffie.  he’s working there for a few months on barter: room, board, meditation, etc for light maintenance services.  what a great place to be for a few months and just a short bike ride from the Santa Fe plaza and all that Santa Fe has to offer including the daily line up of Native American artists work by hand for sale along one side of the plaza.

right now, we’re about to dig in to a small pizza and soda at a little italian joint while we get our raingear back in waterproof shape at the laundromat! it’ll be a while until we see the option of getting online! wish a luck in canyon country and don’t watch the movie 127 hours in the mean time! 😀



  1. wheelsandfeet – again, I enjoy reading about your journeys as you travel across the US. Safe travels!

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