Posted by: wheelsandfeet | May 15, 2011

moab to…Venice Beach? Rome? Athens?


Nicole is enjoying herself in Europe spending euros on good times right now.  Her “Camelback Trip”, that is vacation from a vacation (when’s the last time you’ve had one of those??), is spending quality time with one of her BFFs :D, best girlfriends EVER, like OMG! Hello!?!…like, really, oh my god, like, really?  dude. RAD!

Hahaha…Venice Beach must be getting to me.

so, from Moab we continued in to canyon country.  fantastic fantastic time.  mark my words…Grand Escalante Staircase will be one of the top ten destinations for adventure travel in the US, if it’s not already.  This place is surprising, exciting, adventurous, less traveled, stunning.  free.  FREE.  That’s an easy way to get spoiled.  suffice it to say, SoCal, southern California is not, even with the good and dear friends who have been giving me the idea of having a place to go back to for the last 4 days.  so clutch.

Moab to Canyonlands to Goblin Valley and little wild horse canyon and Bell Canyon Loop to Capital Reef to Boulder Mountain to Hole-in-the-rock road and quintessential slot canyon country including zebra canyon and mule canyons (and countless others that we didn’t make time to do) to upper calf creek and lower calf creek canyons and creeks. it’s even prettier and more refreshing than it looks. I swam in it!  a cool cool 😉 experience. weeehoooo!  From calf creek to Zion to Flagstaff/Jerome (phenomenal must do)/Prescott and the Prescott Art Fair.  Then off to Pheonix where Nicole flew to Minneapolis-New York-Rome and soon to Athens for some time in the islands as well.  Awesome. I’m jealous…and Lonely! 😦  But I tend to make due 🙂

So lucky for me, I spent some time in the Cleveland National Forest, Laguna Meadows, and an awesome awesome road called Pine Creek that can lead to great horseback riding, mountain biking, road biking and free camping. and only 45 minutes into San Diego…

luckily ran into a great great old friend who was gracious enough to let me stay at her place in San Diego! fantastic. thanks Kris! and now I need to do some painting in exchange for storing the trailer and kayaks in her garage while I enjoy the heart of Venice Beach with my dear old friend Rob Dew who I lived with when I was in NYC.  great 4 hour bike ride around Venice beach today and now I need to enjoy a dinner soiree with a fantastic crew of gypsies as rob puts it.

time for organic! (city folk 🙂 Mmmm….and wine. and film.

that’s all for now!


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