The Rig and The Crew


WELCOME FROM NICOLE AND PATRICK! We are off on the adventure of a lifetime. We will be visiting new places, eating local cuisine, drinking numerous beverages, relaxing, and playing non-stop until our money runs out while you are at home and working. HAHAHAHAH! You can get us back later in life, but for now we have the ace of hearts! Join us anytime you want…on the internet! HAHAHAHHAHA…okay okay maybe it’s not so funny anymore. Seriously, though, we want visitors along the way! The VW sleeps four (and Malto Meal on the floor)! We plan on the following: kayaking and fishing rivers, lakes, and streams! climbing rock, ice, and mountains! hiking deserts, hills, and valleys! skiing and snowshoeing downhill, uphill, and cross-country! swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing! walking, running, jumping, skipping, hopping, and rolling! biking roads and mountains, from the dirt to the pavement! did I mention eating, drinking, and sleeping? we need all the hot showers and home cooked meals along the way that we can get! we work for food! join us in our adventure on WHEELSANDFEET!


  1. Hey travelers,
    Thanks for sending me the link to your blog, I look forward to tracking your progress and reading your descriptions.
    Appreciate every moment,

    • Hey Guys,
      It was great meeting you. Let me know if you need anything while you’re in Key West. I feel like it’s my Karmic duty, from one traveler to another, to help you guys out (even if that means just buying you a beer).

      -Tyler from Amigo’s

    • a wise little birdie once said…
      and before ya know it she’ll be off to prom 😉

      hey man! the everglades were great. did robert’s river chickee to hell’s bay. back to flamingo. off to east cape for a ridiculous sunset. awesome coastal perspective. pics up later!

  2. hey there, tyler!
    didn’t get a chance to take ya up on that beer, but I’m sure it’ll taste just as good any time down the road! thanks for the good wishes!

  3. needs – wow this sounds like a great time, and yes it would be experience of a lifetime for you all…even the VW!. Thanks for keeping us all updated on your travels with blogs/photos. Heading to FL myself on 2/21…nothing like the times you are having during the FL loop. Take care and we look fwd to future posts.

    • dude! great to hear from you, Chris. you headed down here with the family? where you gonna be headed in FL? check for the space shuttle launch thursday…a little golfin? hopefully it’s not for work and if it is, hopefully you can fit a little fun in the mix!

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