Map Of Our Travels



  1. Patrick,
    We have bee following the trail of your root-canal-treated tooth from Minnesota to the south, and have enjoyed the posts. My guess is you brought the unseasonably cold weather with you. We have approx -20 weather today. It looks like you are having a great adventure. Enjoy. We hope your tooth is feeling good.
    Dr. Alan Law
    Endodontist to Adventurers

    • My tooth is in great shape! can’t thank you enough. Thanks for the well wishes, too! by now, I’m sure you’ve forgotten about those bitterly cold days. evolutionary tendencies are pretty smart like that. :D. still splendidly sunny down here in Florida. finally updated the map as it has been quite a while. by the way for you and other folks reading the comment line here, Google Maps has a toggle page in order to continue following the trail. Use the arrows to see the next pages! Off we go!

  2. Hey you two, what’s with the lapse in your adventure news? You got to the southwest, then decide to fall off the face of the earth. Typical! Hope you’re having fun, wherever that is. Lots of love to you and your fuzzy mutt. NM sends you big hugs, happy spring weather, and endless sunsets …

    • right! ran into a vortex…
      actually, we made it to phoenix where Nicole was dropped off at the airport for a side trip to rome/athens/greek islands 😛 lucky dog! but she worked hard for it…I’m now in San Diego! with internet! so I’ll be able to update the blog…hopefully. unless I decide to take a nap. 😀

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